Foundry Expertise from a Single Source

Intense global competition and increasing requirements for cast products, productivity and environmental compatibility are the major challenges faced by foundries today. At Hüttenes-Albertus, or HA for short, we have made it our mission to be the leading innovator and preferred supplier to the global foundry industry.

Our products, such as organic and inorganic binder systems, coatings, feeders, special sands, bentonite, parting agents and metallurgical products cover the entire range of chemical additives for the foundry industry.

Our experts will help you to select the best input materials for your specific applications – for all mould and core manufacturing processes, and for your entire process chain.

With long-standing experience on the one hand, and forward-looking research and development on the other, we are able to provide the right balance of proven solutions and innovative ideas.

HA stands for

  • Technologically sophisticated, sustainable products
  • Economically efficient solutions
  • Superior service



  • Tilcon-Hüttenes-Albertus Ltd. merged into HA UK

    With effect from 31 January 2018, Tilcon-Hüttenes-Albertus Limited, a subsidiary of Hüttenes-Albertus UK Ltd. (HA UK for short), has been fully merged into HA UK. As part of the transaction, HA UK,...

  • Coating for Centrifugal Casting

    Usually, no foundry wants a casting with a rough surface. At Bergmann Automotive GmbH, however, this is precisely one of its specialities. The company manufactures structured cylinder liners using...

  • High Quality and Short Cycle Times in NF Casting

    At EUROGUSS 2018 HA will be presenting a wide range of liquid and pellet release agents for a variety of applications and requirements. These products enable excellent demoulding and effective...