Facilities and Innovations

The machine park’s facilities include:

  • melting and casting plants
  • core shooting machines for Cold-Box, inorganics and other core production processes
  • sand mixing plants for Cold-Box and inorganic processes
  • continuous mixers for the no-bake process
  • coating area, including robotic handling
  • drying oven with a range of special features
  • extensive measuring Technology




Environmentally compatible production and increased part complexity are two challenges that foundries are facing today. We are developing new generations of Cold-Box binder systems that manage this balancing act: fewer emissions and uncompromising performance.



Inorganic binder systems may have outgrown their infancy and are now delivering efficient, high-quality results, but their development is far from over. Our foundry specialists and chemists are working hard to further improve these products. The company is working on a variety of challenges, including optimising storage stability and using inorganics in iron casting.


We are pursuing a number of different objectives and advances in the area of coatings. Firstly, we aim to ensure that binder systems and coating materials harmonise as well as possible in order to prevent certain defects in iron and steel castings. Other development topics include water-based coatings for inorganically bound cores and coatings for 3D printed cores. 


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