HA Center of Competence

HA’s path to innovative, customer-focused solutions is the result of ...

  • powerful research and development
  • practical testing and technological cooperation with our customers and partners (e.g. machine manufacturers)


How do we go from an idea to market-ready innovation?

On their own, good ideas and new developments from the laboratory are of no use to foundries. Benefits – and thus success – only emerge when these innovations serve the actual needs of our customers and can also be optimally used under industrial conditions with the appropriate machines and systems.

We want to be faster and more targeted in bringing products to market, which can then be used immediately in production by our customers.


The HA Center of Competence allows us to do just this.

This is where …

  • a cooperative partnership takes place between our company, our customers and machine manufacturers;
  • new developments from our laboratory are extensively tested before they are implemented.


Our aim is to help our customers with foundry chemical product innovations …

  • to optimise processes,
  • to improve efficiency,
  • to increase environmental sustainability.


HA Center of Competence

Hüttenes-Albertus Chemische Werke GmbH

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Head of HA Center of Competence

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Diana Chowanski

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