New names for the HÜTTENES-ALBERTUS Cold-Box products


With a new global product name strategy, HA wants to make it easier for its customers to find their way around their Cold-Box products. The traditional designation of the components "Gasharz" and "Aktivator" is replaced by strong and catchy brand names that make the respective product type visible at first glance.

The Cold-Box process has been the leading core production process for series casting for 50 years.  The system owes its position as the leading core production process to its wide range  of applications, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Excellent strength properties and very good dimensional accuracy mean that Cold-Box cores meet the growing demands placed on modern castings. Special technical criteria, such as elasticity, thermal stability and low gas generation, have also been continuously optimised.

An increasing challenge for foundries, however, is meeting ever stricter environmental requirements. Since emissions in the Cold-Box process are inherent to the system, efforts to further develop Cold-Box binders have focused not only on technological optimisation but also on improving environmental properties.

A comprehensive product range is now available especially for the Cold-Box process, so that foundries can always find the optimum binder solution depending on the area of application and their individual requirements.

New names, proven products

The naming of HA's Cold-Box systems has not kept pace with this development and made it not Always easy for foundries to immediately identify suitable products with the desired properties. HA has launched a new global p

roduct name strategy to help its customers find their way around the Cold-Box product range. Traditional designations of the components "Gasharz" and "Aktivator" will be replaced by strong and memorable brand names, which allow the respective product type to be recognised at first glance.

Our new naming system, which is both logical and internationally understandable, makes it possible to clearly assign products to one of the four Cold-Box product classes offered by HA:



New name


Aromatic CB systems


Sigmacure is the universal classic product. This system provides foundries with a product line whose efficiency is based on decades of experience.


Aliphatic CB Systems


In 1996, HA was the first supplier in the world to launch a patented, more environmentally friendly Cold-Box alternative, which enabled both a reduction in odour emissions during core production and a significant reduction in BTX values (benzene, toluene, xylene) after casting. HA has replaced the aromatic solvents in Biocure products, for example, by using methyl esters that are obtained from plant-based, renewable raw materials such as rapeseed. Since the chained (aliphatic) molecules contain more hydrogen and less carbon, COemissions are also reduced.

Silicatic CB Systems


In 1999, HA introduced Cold-Box systems with shares of silicate-containing solvents to the foundry industry. These solvents contain Si compounds in the molecule instead of hydrocarbons. A lower carbon content results in reduced BTX, BTEX and CO2 emissions.

CB Systems with semi silicate resin body


HA  has consistently pursued the path of organic reduction with the latest Cold-Box generation Sipurid. In addition to the silicate component in the solvent, the resin molecule was also modified: the conventional OH-groups in the resin were partially replaced by silicate elements.

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