Your partner for development and service

The HA Center of Competence (CoC) has about 8,000 sqm of pilot and industrial facilities and replicates almost all of the stages of the foundry process.

New ideas and solutions for nearly all mould and core production processes can be tested in practice, and without disrupting the processes of the customers.


External service provider

Our customers can carry out all of their prototyping in our CoC. We have everything we need to produce cores and moulds, and to cast all metals. This means that we are not only able to carry out prototyping from core production to casting, but also to provide other services that can then be outsourced by the foundry. We want to act as an extension of the foundry and offer everything that a foundry, in the midst of series production, would have difficulty implementing internally.


Interaction of foundry chemistry and machine technology

A comprehensive machine park offers the opportunity to optimise the interaction of foundry chemistry and machine technology. To this end, HA cooperates with virtually all renowned manufacturers of foundry plants.


Foundry Technology Center

  • Examine and optimise the process chain
  • Test new products and product refinements
  • Promote future technologies


Optimising Processes

  • Close cooperation with industry Partners
  • Optimise the interplay between foundry chemistry and equipment


Projekt Work 

  • For customers during the project phase
  • Design of cores and tools
  • Qualification of new tools, cores and castings



  • For customers worldwide
  • For employees in Germany
  • For international employees

Pilot foundry plant

Potential daily production output:


max. 2 tons (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous-Alloys)

Core production

approx. 600 per day

Installation of core packages  

20 core packages (up to 19 cores per core package) 

Core package coating

20 per day (by hand or with robots)


40 core packages per day

Moulding plant

40 moulding boxes per day, max. 150 kg grey cast iron per moulding box

Moulding plant

40 moulding boxes per day, max. 300 kg aluminium per moulding box

Post-casting treatment

max. 40 castings per day