Hüttenes-Albertus has been a supplier of different adhesives to foundries for many years. These adhesives can be used for cold and hot curing applications or for curing in the microwave oven.

Most adhesives in cold setting and microwave oven curing contain special types of waterglass and inorganic fillers. As a consequence of this, these adhesives release almost no gas when they are heated for bonding critical core packs.

Besides this, a full line of adhesives with different properties for special applications is available. Real newcomers to the line are, e.g., flake materials for use via large dosing tanks.

Another current project focuses on the development of a special fusion adhesive for the lost foam process.


Adhesive applicators and sticks

Many different types are also available as sticks, which are applied with suitable applicators. The air-powered applicator shown here has a magazine for the quick replacement of sticks.

Different applicators are available to suit all applications.


HA Adhesive Types

Heisskleber Adhesives based on polysaccharides, these products cure by oven drying, and are particularly used for bonding of Hot-Box and Cold-Box molding materials.
Kaltkleber Adhesives based on waterglass of various viscosities, these are all-purpose products whose air cure can be accelerated by applying heat.
Kaltkleber 5988 R Specialty adhesives based on an aqueous styrene-acrylic emulsion, these products give up water to develop high bonding power, and are suitable for cold bonding sections of polystyrene foam into the patterns used for the lost foam process.
Maskenkleber Adhesives based on thermally curing synthetic resins, these products harden by a reaction analogous to that in the Shell Moulding process, and are particularly suitable for use in hot curing (Hot-Box, Shell Moulding) processes.
Mikrowellenkleber These are special-purpose adhesives that are mechanically applied and subsequently cured by exposure to microwave radiation.
Schnellkleber These are adhesives that undergo rapid cure due to evaporation of highly volatile solvents.
Spezialkleber These are hot-melt adhesives used for assembly work and as special-purpose sealing compounds.


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