Cleantech: The new organic core production process

  • Environmetally friendly and sustainable
  • Thermal regeneration possible
  • Cost-effective  

The new core production process for ferrous and non-ferrous casting

In the past productivity and dimensional requirements were the major priority for researchers in the foundry industry. Nowadays, the focus lies on environmental protection and the application of sustainable, environment- and resource-conserving binder technologies.  

By means of intensive research Hüttenes-Albertus successfully developed an entirely new core production process for ferrous- and non-ferrous casting:  

Cleantech is an innovative process for foundry core production. Using a polycondensated water-based urea formaldehyde resin modified by a renewable natural polymer and a new patended catalyst.

Foundry cores with very good mechanical properties can be produced using traditional Hot-Box machines or Cold-Box machines that can be heated to a temperature of 80-120°C. Hot air with a temperature of 110°C is released in order to remove the redundant water (solvent). The main advantage of the air supply is the replacement of CO2 and other organic substances, such as amine or sulphur dioxide, which are formed in traditional core production processes. The patented double catalyst accelerates the reaction and captures excess formaldehyde. The result as an extremely low free formaldehyde content in the work environment.

Cleantech Process Diagram

A further advantage is the use of water as a solvent. No other organic solvent is applied and the composition does not contain any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).  

The used sand can be thermally reclaimed and reapplied in the same process or in a different core production process.

Cleantech can be described as one of the most innovative, eco-friendly core production processes. It is already being used in several foundries with exceptional results.


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