Hot-Box and Warm-Box

The traditional Hot-Box process has proven its reliabilty since more than 40 years.

Hot-Box resins for the individual needs of our customers:

Urea resins

Urea resins feature excellent collapse properties for e.g. fittings casting or complex aluminum casting.  

The trade name of these urea resins is Resin.  


Urea-modified furfuryl alcohol resins

A urea resin modified with an amount of FA is used to reach a certain thermal stability. Excellent for aluminum castings and malleable cast iron.    

The trade name of these resins is Thermoset.  


Urea-modified phenolic resins

Urea-modified phenolic resins feature a good thermal stability. Furthermore, the curing time of the cores is very short. The main field of application is in engine block castings (block and heads).  

The trade name of these resins is Resital®.  


Phenolic resins

Pure phenolic resin with special characteristics:

  • Nitrogen-free     
  • low free Formaldehyde 
  • very high bending strength levels even after longer core storage periods 

The trade name of these resins is Resital®.  


Thermoshock process

This process is used e.g. for the manufacture of cores for radiators. The resin is a highly-viscous urea-FA-resin.  

  • high green strength of the sand mix 
  • high bending strength levels 
  • no formation of lustrous carbon  


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