Parting Agents

Parting agents are used to facilitate the moulding process significantly by effectively reducing the adhesive forces that hold the mould or core to the pattern/corebox. This simplifies the manufacture of sound moulds and cores and protects the corebox.

HA offers highly effective parting agents for all mould and core making processes, including products for:

  • bentonite-bonded green sand
  • acid curing phenolic and furan resin moulding sand
  • ester curing phenolic resins (e.g. Alpha-Set process)
  • gas curing moulding materials (Cold-Box, Beta Set, waterglass-CO2 and ester processes)
  • moulding sands cured in hot coreboxes (Hot-Box and Shell Moulding process)

Continuous development through strong cooperation

For many years, ACMOS and Hüttenes-Albertus have been engaged in successful cooperation, with ACMOS being mainly responsible for production. Both companies have been cooperating very closely in the field of product development for a number of years.

As a result, the ideal parting agent is available for almost any application in the mould or core shop.


The range of products extends from

  • solvent-based products in combination with special polysiloxanes, waxes, or other “parting” substances, and
  • water-based special emulsions, to
  • special parting lacquers with properties that prevent buildup of sand in critical areas, even under extreme mechanical stress conditions. 


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