Resole-CO2-Process - Carbophen

Changes and transitions sometimes take place over the course of years, and thus the transition from heat curing methods to gas curing processes is still incomplete. Many foundries are progressing toward the Cold-Box method, sometimes coming from the sodium silicate -CO2 process and coming to a halt with the resole-CO2 method.


Following a full decade of experience with Hüttenes-Albertus' Carbophen® binders, it may meanwhile be stated that this system offers a desirable option in every respect: 


  • only a single component is metered
  • no scrubber is required
  • the resin contains no nitrogen, sulphur or phosphorus
  • no glossy carbon is formed
  • no finning tendency exists
  • low BTX emissions
  • low odour nuisance outside the foundry


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Resole-CO2-Process: Carbophen

Technical article 


K. Löchte