The shell moulding process: There is life in the old dog yet!

The shell moulding process, invented by the German inventor Johannes Croning, has been applied successfully by foundries all over the world for more than 60 years. Whereas, in Europe, it had to give way to more advanced methods of mould and core making in many areas, it is still in wide use in many parts of the world because it is not only reliable but also has many other advantages.

Even in Germany, it is difficult to imagine that certain cast components should not be made without this apparently “long-in-the-tooth” method because it is very simple to handle and extremely highly exact.

Corrodur® Coating Resins

Corrodur® Solid Resins Used for the production of peelback-free precoated sand.  

Corrodur® Liquid Resins For the production of precoated moulding sand by the warm coating method.

Corrodur® Resoles Used in combination with Corrodur® solid resins for hot sand coating.

KeraCron® Precoated Moulding Materials

The KeraCron® precoated molding materials developed at HA have been specially designed to meet peak foundry demands, for example in production of hydraulic castings. Their excellent flow properties and mold filling capabilities permit molding of fine detail not possible using any other coremaking process.

Their systematically adaptable thermal expansion properties make it possible to prevent a variety of casting defects, thus affording a marked reduction of the finishing costs in the foundry.

  • Very low coefficient of linear thermal expansion
  • For manufacture of castings that are free of finning
  • Peak dimensional accuracy of the castings
  • High (above 1,800 °C) temperature resistance
  • Very easy core shakeout after pouroff
  • Also supplied as through cure-accelerated, precoated sand

Resital® Precoated Sand

Precoated molding sand produced at HA can be matched to the demands on the castings and the molding process (dumping or shooting) by proper selection among the available Corrodur® coating resins, the variety of silica sand grades, several special mineral matrices and additives.

  • peelback-free
  • accelerated through cure
  • reduced odour
  • low nitrogen
  • specialty moulding sand

Fine and Faultless

Water Jacket Bridge Cores Made of Resin-Coated Sand

Being able to cleanly and faultlessly cast the water jacket poses a great challenge for foundries. It is a technically elegant and economical solution to detach the fine section of the water jacket from the main part of the core and to model it separately – for example with the use of Resital® pre-coated sand. The resin-coated sand guarantees the highest casting quality in this especially sensitive area.

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